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Title ECCN EU List Code EU List Codenote EU List Codetext EU List ID EU_List_Description Technology Keyword List 5 Digit
0A001 0A001 0A001. "Nuclear reactors" and specially designed or prepared equipment and components therefor, as follows: nuclear reactor, nuclear plant, nuclear power 0A001
0A001.b. 0A001.b. 0A001.b. Metal vessels, or major shop-fabricated parts therefor, including the reactor vessel head for a reactor pressure vessel, specially designed or prepared to contain the core of a "nuclear reactor"; RPV, reactor pressure, reactor vessel, calandria, 0A001
0A001.c. 0A001.c. 0A001.c. Manipulative equipment specially designed or prepared for inserting or removing fuel in a "nuclear reactor"; remote manipulator, reactor arm, computer controlled arm, fuel assembly extraction, cask transfer, horizontal fuel charging 0A001
0A001.d. 0A001.d. 0A001.d. Control rods specially designed or prepared for the control of the fission process in a "nuclear reactor", support or suspension structures therefor, rod drive mechanisms and rod guide tubes; control rod, boron rod, reactor control, rod drive mechanism, CRDM, drive-extension rod 0A001
0A001.e. 0A001.e. 0A001.e. Pressure tubes specially designed or prepared to contain both fuel elements and the primary coolant in a "nuclear reactor"; calandria, pressure tube, removable end cap 0A001
0A001.f. 0A001.f. N.B.: For zirconium pressure tubes see 0A001.e. and for calandria tubes see 0A001.h. 0A001.f. Zirconium metal tubes or zirconium alloy tubes (or assembles of tubes) specially designed or prepared for use as fuel cladding in a "nuclear reactor", and in quantities exceeding 10 kg; zirconium silicate, zirconium sponge, zirconium alloy, zircaloy, Zr2.5Nb, ZIRLO, M5, HPA4, E100, E110, E125, E635, N18, N36, CZ1, CZ2 0A001
0A001.g. 0A001.g. 0A001.g. Coolant pumps or circulators specially designed or prepared for circulating the primary coolant of "nuclear reactors"; coolant pump, coolant circulator, volute pump, turbine pump, multistage pump, reactor coolant 0A001
0A001.h. 0A001.h. Technical Note: In 0A001.h. 'nuclear reactor internals' means any major structure within a reactor vessel which has one or more functions such as supporting the core, maintaining fuel alignment, directing primary coolant flow, providing radiation shields for the reactor vessel, and guiding in-core instrumentation. 0A001.h. 'Nuclear reactor internals' specially designed or prepared for use in a "nuclear reactor", including support columns for the core, fuel channels, calandria tubes, thermal shields, baffles, core grid plates, and diffuser plates; support column, calandria, baffles, core, diffuser, thermal shield 0A001
0A001.i. 0A001.i. Note: 0A001.i. does not control heat exchangers for the supporting systems of the reactor, e.g., the emergency cooling system or the decay heat cooling system. 0A001.i. Heat exchangers as follows: heat exchanger 0A001
0A001.i.1. 0A001.i.1. 0A001.i.1. Steam generators specially designed or prepared for the primary, or intermediate, coolant circuit of a "nuclear reactor"; coolant circuit 0A001